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 Cyber-biome is the deep life simulation program experiment.
 The main technical challenge is to achieve a stable,
 complex evolution process of a deep virtual ecosystem, a biome.
 It's all about realtime, interaction and presence effect.
 It's very deep, fast and complex:
 - It's a completely GPU side simulation program
 - It's a several gigabytes of data, refreshing at 1 Tb/sec throughput
 - It visualizes that all smoothly at realtime
 - It simulates a milions of interacting particles at ultimate frequency up to 1000 FPS
 - It simulates from 1K up to 100K of continuously interacting evolving creatures
 - It uses precision soft body physics to take advanced body expirience for virtual beings
 - It's a complex system of several simultaneously interacting models
     Physical world
     Plants, Creatures
     Neural networks
 some facts:
 - 9 years of development
 - a new programming language created to built it
 - deep inspired